2023 Alison's Allies Project

WOW! The 2023 Alison’s Allies fundraising was an immense success!  Lots of people made it happen! Tshirt sponsor Harlan C. Parker State Farm Agency,  benefactor (Pumpkin Run), walkers, helpers, incentive contributors (Garmin, KC Current, Shop Beautiful, absorb-lumen), & 200+ donors.  The goal was $15,000. We SURPASSED our goal - $30,000+. Wow.  Total raised since 2010 = $235,000+

I am touched by such giving hearts! Together we are making a difference! 


The 2023 Alison’s Allies project  again focused on breast cancer research.  After visiting with Dr. Roy Jensen [Vice Chancellor & Dir. of the KU Cancer Center], Alison's Allies partnered with the KU Cancer Center and KU Medical Center to support a pilot research project.   Pilot research studies, fundamental to the research process, are lack funding sources.  Pilot research projects help to define the research question(s) and test the proposed study design and processes allowing researchers to seek additional funding and move to clinical trials. Breast cancer research impacts breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment for tomorrow! 

Together, we can make a difference!


Through this pilot research project, Drs. Sharma & Stecklein will further study triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a highly aggressive subtype of breast cancer that accounts for 20-25% of all diagnosed cases.  It occurs more frequently in younger women and is more prevalent in African American women. Unfortunately, African American women with TNBC are diagnosed at more advanced stages and have a 40% higher mortality rate compared to other racial groups.

This pilot project will involve Black and non-Black participants enrolled in a TNBC registry the researchers already maintain, with the goal to increase the number of Black and non-Black patients involved Patient-Derived Xenografts (PDX).  PDX allows researchers to replicate a patient’s tumor so that these tumors response to various therapies can be studied, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

The ultimate goal is to develop a personalized medicine approach for patients.  The goal is to complete this pilot study in one year and to use the data to apply for a large-scale grant.  This research project will enhance scientists understanding of TNBC leading to better detection, treatments, & cures!


Dr. Sharma was my oncologist! She is both a practitioner & a researcher!! 


The 2023 Alison’s Allies fundraising was an immense successIn fact, the amount raised was DOUBLE the original $15,000 goal! Because of the generosity of 200+ donors, we SURPASSED our goal, raising nearly $30,000! Dr. Roy Jensen, Vice-Chancelor Director of the KU Cancer Center, suggested we apply this additional funding in the following way:

BENCH TO BEDSIDE PODCAST:  Alison and Dr. Joan Lewis-Wambi did a podcast on Empowering Progress:  How Patient Advocacy Moves Cancer Research Forward.  Fabulous spotlight on breast cancer research and advocacy! Great experience! 

Listen to the podcast on the KU Cancer Center website:  https://www.kucancercenter.org/news-room/podcasts Episode 15! 

Two Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivors are the 2023 Face of Alison's Allies!

Meet Tonia Yelder:  Listen to her stories on YouTube:

Meet Molly Devocelle:  Listen to her stories on YouTube

Dr. Priyanka Sharma &  Dr. Shane Stecklein

2023 Pilot Research Project 

Able to provide $20,000 vs $15,000!

Dr. Joan Lewis-Wambi

2022 Pilot Research Project Recipient

Added $5,000 to project for a total of $20,000

Breast Cancer Screening of Black Women

2021 Screening Project Recipients

Funds managed by the Masonic Cancer Alliance; Events by Breast Cancer Health Equity Task Force

Added $5,000 to project for a total of $20,000